After surviving most of the last decade on eight Harry Potter films, Warner Bros. is pulling a Disney and will stop selling all versions of its Harry Potter films on December 29th. [via]

Clearly they hope to artificially increase demand for their DVDs and Blu-rays (including the recently-released complete box set of all eight films) by artificially cutting off supply at an arbitrary date. At that point, the only way to watch these films will be through streaming digital services, rental services, and whenever the cable channels decide to air it. (Oh yeah, I’m sure this won’t lead to an increase in file sharing at all).

I don’t know what Warner Bros. has against money — or Harry Potter fans — especially when Marvel Studios keeps beating the pants off of them in the superhero film market.

As strange as that may seem, we aren’t beneath attempting to profit from their nearly-inexplicable decision. Make sure you get one of these discs in time for the holiday season, because who knows when they’ll be available again.