It may not be the Tumbler, but it does look like something out of Bruce Wayne’s garage. Justin Bieber, the 17 year old music sensation of immeasurably wealth and poor fiscal responsibility, hired West Coast Customs (best known for pimping rides) to make him a Batmobile.

Its a Cadillac CTS-V, coated in a matte black finish. The badges have been removed and replaced with the familiar Batman logo. As if to remove any subtlety from the vehicle, the word “BATMOBILE” is also stamped on the back. You’ll also noticed its been upgraded with Suicide doors, because why not. I’m sure there is also a booming sound system in there as well. Oh, and apparently the initials “Jb” appear in the detailing in the side, less you forget who’s car this is.

If you’re hoping he gets pulled over in this ridiculous contraption of childhood excess, then I have good news for you: TMZ reports he cut off a California Highway Patrol officer. Bieber was let off with a warning, but next time he’ll get thrown in Arkham.
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