Supreme Commander 2 is the sequel to Supreme Commander, which is the spiritual successor to Gas Powered Games’ creator Chris Taylor’s classic Total Annihilation. Square-Enix partnered with the developers in order to publish it, making it one of the company’s first forays into real-time-strategy. Like its predecessor, and its predecessor before it, Supreme Commander 2 focuses on RTS action with large amounts of units. And when I say large, I don’t mean swarming your opponent with 20 or 30 infantry. No sir, I mean hitting people up with hundreds of units, land, air, sea, and infantry in an coordinated assault on the enemy. You take control of one of three factions, the UED, Illuminate, or the Cybran. Each faction has its own unique units and characteristics, and the single player campaign will put you in control of all three of them. Various patches have address many of the game’s shortcomings, and new maps and units have been added via downloadable content. Although many critics argue that it’s system isn’t as complex as the original, its deep RTS gameplay will still keep you enthralled for sure.