Here’s a video showcasing a sticker book about the cartoon The Bots Master that went up on YouTube yesterday:

This sticker book dates back to 1994, which would have been when the show was still on the air. It’s in French and would have been sold in France back in the day. The book appears to be broken up into various episodes, with each episode having 3 pages of stickers dedicated to it. With a total of 40 episodes in the series, this book only covers a few.

Included are pages for the following episodes:
“Adios Ziv” – Episode 1 “Adios ZZ”
“Cette terre m’appartient” – Episode 8 “This Land is My Land”
“Un cadeau pour Frenzy” – Episode 27 “A Gift for Frenzy”
“Building huit” – Episode 35 “Building Eight”
“Emporte-moi sure la lune” – Episode 39 “Fly Me to the Moon”

Playing in the background is the French theme song to the show. The English theme song has lyrics introducing various characters but the French version just repeats the title over and over.

For more information on the Bots Master check out my never updated Bots Master page, It’s been stagnant for the better part of a decade but it still has a good deal of information on it.