Lets get real.

This series just isn’t scary anymore.

So I’m sure you won’t mind if I decide to feature it just a few weeks before Halloween rather than actually on Halloween like everyone would expect.

Okay, so Resident Evil 5 isn’t scary anymore. However, it still manages to lift the series to new heights just as its predecessor has done before it. While RE4 introduced the series’ now standard ‘behind-the-back’ view, RE5 introduces two player co-op for the first time. Its African setting, while causing a bit of controversy within the black community (well, those of us who don’t play video games), gives the series a fresh new look and takes it to a place seldom seen in video games. Playing as Chris Redfield, you head to Africa to investigate some weird happenings. You are joined by Sheva Alomar, a local with some pretty slick moves. Throughout the game, you’ll bump into old friends and new enemies.

The co-op experience is at the heart of the game. If you don’t bring a buddy along with you, the AI will controller. Many players have complained that Sheva tends to steal healing items from you, but this didn’t happen to me very often during my own playthrough. Personally, I found that the best way to go is to rationalize your items and let her hold certain items, kinda like a pack mule. The shop system also returns. Of course, what self-respecting Resident Evil game would be complete without unlockables? There is some pretty cool stuff to unlock, and if you’re willing to spend a little extra, you can buy some cool downloadable content (or just buy the Gold Edition, which contains all of the DLC).

While we’re waiting to see where Capcom will take the series next (well, after Resident Evil Revalations and Operation Raccoon City at least), RE5 provides some excellent co-op survival action (you’ll note that I omitted the horror part), even if it isn’t as ‘scary’ as it was years ago.