This past weekend played host to the very first Power Con, a convention dedicated He-man and the Masters of the Universe. It was actually a double convention. Thunder Con, the second part of this double-billing, is a convention dedicated to Thundercats. There wasn’t much in the way of Thundercats presence there, but Mattel certainly showed up to represent MOTU and even held a panel. If you want to read more about what was revealed at the panel or want to see more of what went on, please join us after the jump for coverage!

Image from MTV Geek News.
MTVGeek News had some great photos of the display room with artwork, test shot figures from the vintage and modern MOTU lines, some pieces from the vintage Thundercats line and more. Check out their site to see all their photos.

News breakdown from the Mattel panel:

  • The Wind Raider has been pushed back and its price has increased to $45
  • Draego-Man will only come with Flame sword. No Shield. Needed to reduce costs.
  • Prices of figures will go up between $1 and $5 on “day of” sales. (wont affect sub)
  • Stinkor
    • Comes with two heads
    • Uses the Beast Man body instead of the Mer-Man body
    • Comes with shield and newly sculpted gun
  • Slushhead
    • Removable dome helmet that you can fill with water
  • Griffin
    • Beast Man’s steed from the 200x series
  • Snake Mountain action figure stands
    • All new sculpt. Different from Grayskull stands
  • The Mighty Spector
    • 30th Anniversary figure designed by Toyguru from a childhood sketch…
  • “Temple of Darkness” Sorceress
    • Based on Mini-Comic Temple of Darkness
    • Will be available at Mattel attended conventions in 2012 except for SDCC
    • Comes with stand for Orb that came with King Grayskull
    • Remaining stock will go up on in December 2012


Picture of Stinkor from TheFwoosh. Taken by MatthewK
Pictures of Griffin, Sorceress and Spector courtesy of SuperDadd of the FanEx forums.