A few weeks ago, there was a story making the rounds on the comic scene about the story of Mike Meyer; a 48 year-old mentally disabled man from St,Louis who was an avid collector of Superman comics and memorabilia. Mike, who works part-time at McDonalds to supplement his SSDI that he collects for having a mental defect, was robbed of his entire collection of more 1,800 comics and several priceless Superman collectables such as lunch boxes and figurines, by a former co-worker of his who had swindled Mike into allowing him into his apartment and had his girlfriend distract Mike while he robbed the place of the collectables.

Upon reporting the theft and sharing his story with the St.Louis Post-Dispatch, word spread amongst the comic book community as a whole, and a collection drive was established with the intent of building back up Mr. Meyer’s collection for him from donations of fellow comic fans and celebrities. The drive ended up gaining donations from all over the country and even England and Australia, which were collected by a friend and delivered to Mike to his astonishment.

As of today, the story comes to an end, as the robber of Mike’s collection was caught after he robbed a elderly man of money and jewelry. (making him our douchebag of the month) He is currently charged with several counts of burglary and is being held on $100,000 bail. The whole story can be found on the Post Dispatch here.

Just a happy story of how the geek community helps its own, and a sweet tale to end your week on.