A dozen years after Dreamcast’s launch, it is still one of the most revered and loved systems. Cult status doesn’t count for the NES or the Playstation, everyone had one of those, but if you got a Dreamcast in it’s all too brief 19 month life span, you should listen to this episode.
If you don’t know why we care then you DEFINITELY need to listen because you missed some great games, and it is not too late to play many of them!

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Direct Link:Powetcast 105: I Dreamed A Dreamcast

Dreamcast fan art for this episode’s image by Tom Waterhouse

“All I Want” – The Offspring (From the game Crazy Taxi)
“Super Brothers” – Guitar Vader (from Jet Grind Radio)
“Open Your Heart” – Crush 40 (from Sonic Adventure)
Jet Set Medley (from Jet Grind Radio)

Dreamcast Commercials:
System Launch
Weird action movie ad with Tia Carrere!
Sonic Adventure
Soul Calibur
Crazy Taxi
Jet Grind Radio
NFL 2k
NFL 2k1
NBA 2k1

Space Channel 5 e3 2000 Dance Show!