Based upon the 1991 movie, which was based upon the 80s comic, which was a homage to 30s and 40s era pulp action comics, The Rocketeer was a fun side scrolling platformer for the NES which is reminiscent of The Batman game that came out for the NES. You play as Cliff Secord, who recently discovered a rocket pack stashed away in one of the planes. Suddenly you have to battle against legions of mobsters, gangsters, and undercover Nazis in order to keep you and your friends safe. You have an assortment of weaponry at your disposal, and if you have gas, you can fly. There are also boss battles, in-game cinematics, and the music is pretty catchy as well. Like the film it’s based on, the Rocketeer may have been forgettable, but it’s a fun ride while it lasts. And really, who doesn’t want to fly around in a jetpack killing Nazis? Hopefully it shouldn’t be too much trouble for iIntendo to get this on Virtual Console. While we’re at it, lets bring back the comic series.