Because it bears repeating: Bioshock is one of the best games of this, or any, generation. Its available on PS3, XBox 360, PC, or Mac. If you haven’t played it, you simply must.

Irrational Games gave us a tiny slice of Bioshock Infinite, their follow up to the original, at E3 last month. Behind closed doors, they showed invited guests more than the 90 second teaser, but 15 minutes of gameplay. Showcasing not only the action (which is crazy!) but the characters of the game (who are interesting!). New powers are expected, but this scene truly shows how special Elizabeth is. Also, the ‘big daddy’ of this game is called the Song Bird and he’s pretty awesome looking.

If this early look is willing to spill this much of the game out in front of us, I think we can expect a lot of surprises in the final release, due in 2012.