Michael Bay delivers his ultimate Transformers movie. Beyond good, beyond evil, beyond your comprehension! We spend the first half of the show digging into the little things and broad points about the movie and the second part of the show talking specific plot points and spoilers. Discussion of toys, games, and comics will follow in a supplement later this week!

Spoilers begin at 44:30. You have been warned.

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We Will Kill Them All

We Will Kill Them All

Zac Shipley
aDam LaBeouf
Ernie 16
Extra Zero

Crazy was not able to make it this episode, but did contribute to a lot of the notes taken, which is why his name appears so often in these bullet points. We will likely revisit the movie for his thoughts in a future episode.

NON-spoiler discussion

Not a cinemask to be seen. (Crazy)

I brought 2. Hard to see with them because I sat close (aDam)

Character actors galore! Ken Jeong, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, John Turturro, Alan Tudyk, Lester Speight!

Tall buildings: many scenes supposedly taking place in DC had tall buildings, when DC has a notably clear skyline (ROTF also had a bogus Air & Space Museum)

Wreckers not rednecks!

Buzz Aldrin “Nice to meet a fellow space traveler!”

CGI JFK was awkward looking, but the robots have never looked better and the 3D was great. (Zero)

Wheeljack and Mirage changed to Q and…Dino? (Zero)

Spoiler Discussion begins at 44:30. You have been warned.

Megatron’s Master Plan meets The Ultimate Doom; Dillon = Dr. Archeville (Crazy)

“Oh this is the one where Spock goes bad” FORESHADOWING! (zac)

Turn was a complete surprise to me (zac, crazy too!)

“Needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”

I didn’t like how he was about “saving his race/planet” and kills Ironhide for pretty much no reason. (Zero)

Timeline for movie 1 and ROTF don’t line up with DOTM. Is Megatron here for the Allspark, the Sun, or the Invasion? (zac)

Why didn’t Sentinel take the Matrix and make himself unstoppable? (zac)

Megatron, Starscream and Shockwave had minimal screen time (Crazy)

Don’t forget about Soundwave… (Zero)

How annoying were the parents compared to movie 1 and 2? (aDam)

Carly vs. Mikaela vs. Shia (aDam)

Starscream should have been the one to goad Megatron, not Carly (Crazy)

Megatron should have killed Starscream for his failure to kill the Autobots, not Sam with scene the rivaled the “vine scene” from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. (Zero)

The hypocrisy of the “good guys” frowning upon prisoner execution (aDam)

Star Trek quotes galore! (aDam)

Optimus Prime is a homicidal maniac (Zero)

Transformers are super easy to kill. (zac)

Lazerbeak was one of the masterminds in this plot…!? (Zero)

Barricade is finally dead (Zero)

How could they possibly continue this franchise with everyone but the core Autobots dead? (Zero)

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