Make no mistake, this is the latest entry in Konami’s Contra franchise. For real, check the main menu theme and game over theme. Despite it’s anime look (courtesy of developer Arc Systems) and sci-fi setting, this entry contains all the hyperactive shoot-em-up action that you expect from the series. The story is pretty generic, with the typical evil government and you as a former soldier out to stop them, but who plays a Contra game for the story? You (and a buddy if playing co-op) grab your guns, and blast everything that moves, picking up weapon upgrades you find en route. You can play in traditional arcade mode, or an all new ‘Rising’ mode where you can earn new moves and weapon upgrades. Extra characters are available for download. Uprising is part of Konami’s attempt to start a spin-off franchise with Hard Corps (originally released on the Genesis during the 90s), and if future titles are as good as this, Hard Corps will represent a new direction for the Contra franchise just as it did all those years ago. Weather you’re a fan of Contra, or just like old school 2D action, you’ll want to download this title.