The many deaths of Rory in Doctor Who

We’ve got a big future Doctor Who spoiler for you! In an episode later this year Rory will actually not die for a change! Rory is expected to survive an entire episode, with no characters seeing him die or assuming he’s dead at any time. Amy will likely not mourn his death by crying!

Amy Pond Mourns  Rory's Many Deaths in Doctor Who

This is very unexpected for fans of Doctor Who that have come to know Rory as something similar to Kenny from an episode of South Park or Nathan from a season finale of Heroes where each of these characters is known to die at the drop of a hat. To date Rory has died 3 times last season and 3 times this season, which has only been on for 4 episodes! What future episode will have Rory not die? Only time will tell! My personal prediction is that he will not die in an episode because he will already be dead, to be revived in a future episode…