Gradius: TIA is the sequel to Nemesis, a Game Boy-exclusive entry in the Gradius series. Despite its small scale, it’s just as enjoyable as any console or arcade Gradius. You play as a ship whose loadout you select before hand, and you are tasked with escaping your alien pursuers. Although there is no text, there is a bit of a storyline about escape, and at the end of the game, the hunter becomes the prey as you turn the tables. Strangely, there are several Gradius staples that are missing from the series such as moai statues, a space intro to each stage (each stage seamlessly flows into the next), and classic Gradius music. However, the variety of the game’s 5 levels make up for it, as you face off against increasingly bizarre alien creatures and huge bosses. The soundtrack is also pretty good for a Game Boy title as well. Hopefully this will be one of the first games that will be available when legacy Game Boy Games are made available on the 3DS shop.