Competition heats up as Erector meets hockey rage, time travel, and tron travel. The usual panel will also discuss Will Ferrell in The Office, Sonic Generations, and the return of a dear old friend…

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Roll Call!
Zac Shipley, host at large
aDam “Gonna get that Tron guy to make a sexy Tron girl unitard for him…” Gardner
Sean “Walker? I hardly know her!” Corse
Crazy ‘Pronounced with a series of claw clicks’ Jaco
“Hockey Rage” Sindra

Will Ferrell enters The Office
Tron: Legacy
China Outlaws Time Travel in Fiction
3DS Breaking Sales Records
Transformers Hall of Fame Final Round of Voting
Sonic Generations? Guess Sega didn’t outlaw Time Travel
Content Dictates Price, So Don’t Expect Cheaper Digital Games

Music in this episode by DJ Far Off

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