Designed by former policeman Jim Walls, the Police Quest series injected a dose of realism into Sierra’s classic adventure game formula. Although the games featured fictional plotlines, the situations players encounter in the games are based on scenarios that Walls had to endure during his years as a police officer. The games require you to use proper police 56procedure when making arrests and handling other police scenarios. The first three games tells the story of Sonny Bonds, a veteran of the police force as he goes to war against drug cartels, biker gangs, and even satanic cults. Police Quest 4 was designed by controversial police officer Daryl Gates, and it was more of a point-and-click adventure as players stepped in the shoes of John Carey, an LA police detective out to stop a serial killer. After 4, the Police Quest series spun off into the SWAT series. The first two SWAT games were billed as Police Quest titles, but when the series became an FPS tactical shooter, it moved away from the Police Quest branding. The first four Police Quest games, as well as the first two SWAT games are available on, so if you ever wanted to know what the life of a police officer was like, check them out.