Looks like this week’s big releases include Bulletstorm, Killzone 3 and de Blob 2. Remember, if you see anything you want to order, please order through the links after the jump to help us out.

Bulletstorm – Epic Edition
Dreamcast Collection
Knights Contract
De Blob 2

Playstation 3
Killzone 3
PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter
Killzone 3: Helghast Edition
Bulletstorm – Limited Edition
DualShock 3 Controller – Jungle Green
PlayStation 3 160GB Killzone 3 Bundle
Knights Contract
De Blob 2
Irem Pachi Para 17 -Shinkai Monogatari with Agnes Lum- for PS3 [Japan Import]
Maid Meets Cat L@ve once -mermaid s tears- for PS3 [Japan Import]
Electronic Arts Bullets Storm for PS3 [Japan Import]
SONY KILLZONE 3 for PS3 [Japan Import]

Nintendo Wii
De Blob 2
Arcade Shooting Gallery With Pink Gun Bundle

Nintendo DS
Radiant Historia
Tin Can
De Blob 2
Nanda’s Island

YS: I&II Chronicles

PC & Mac
Bulletstorm – Limited Edition
EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
Gray Matter
The Egyptian Trilogy
Fate 2011 Or V4
EverQuest II Destiny of Velious [Game Download]
De Blob 2