The Defiant Map Pack is the very first offering from 343 Industries, the new caretakers of the Halo Franchise. Bungie produced the previous map pack, but its unknown if they have any more due later or if 343 will take over producing maps and the Matchmaking offering in the future.

What is known is this set will offer two competitive multiplayer maps and one Firefight arena. Condemned takes place on a UNSC space station above Reach and is built for slayer and objective games in that 6-12 player range. Highlands is a big team battle map on a nature preserve with vehicles available. Finally, Unearthed is a large Firefight map with multiple drop zones and a Rocket Hog good for all variants. As the multiplayer spaces always fit in somewhere within the Halo fiction, all three maps take place after the events of the Lone Wolf campaign mission, with the Covenant forces completely overrunning the planet in the background.

If you look closely in the trailer, you’ll spot bs angel, a former Halo blogger who joined 343 last year.

Source: HaloWaypoint