When Transformers Prime finally premieres on February 11 at 6:30PM on The Hub, it appears we will be meeting a new character named Skyquake. Of course all characters in Transformers Prime are new characters with this being the start of a new continuity possibly involving the events from the Transformers Exodus novel and War For Cybertron game (despite numerous contradictions in story). Skyquake isn’t a new name in Transformers history though. The most significant role of Skyquake was leader of the Predators, a faction of Decepticons. He made a brief cameo in IDW’s Last Stand of the Wreckers before being killed by Overlord.

His one-line bio reads: “Entombed in stasis on Earth until exhumed by Starscream; however, pledges allegiance to only his ‘one true master,’ Megatron.”

I’m glad to see more actual characters being added to the cast. I’m not sure how many more scenes of mute Decepticlones I can take.