While this week’s Lost Classic may not be as quirky or unique as this week’s $20GOTW (or should that be FGOTW), it’s still worth its place among the shooter genre’s classics, even if there are a couple of huge flaws. Besides, R-Type is part of the holy trinity of horizontal side-scrolling shooters (its other two members include Konami’s Gradius and Taito’s Darius), so this game deserves a mention.

Super R-Type was a Super Nintendo launch title. It’s an original game, although it borrows levels from both R-Type 1 and 2. Once again, you’re out to take on the Bydo Empire with your tiny and upgradable ship. This time, the difficulty has been ramped up simply because of a lack of checkpoints. If you die, you have to restart over from the beginning. At least you get unlimited continues. This will pretty much scare off everyone but the most hardcore of gamers. Slowdown doesn’t exactly help this game’s case very much either, although it does help you get your bearings in the middle of a fierce firefight.

These two issues are redeemed by the excellent graphics, level variety, and soundtrack. You’ll fly through a variety of stages, including caves, derelict space stations, and even take on a ship that’s so huge, it pretty much composes the game’s entire level! The soundtrack is one of the best I’ve heard in an early SNES game. It’s an improvement on the arcade version’s tunes.

Super R-Type’s challenge makes this a game for hardcore fans only. If you take the challenge and push forward, you’ll find yourself rewarded with an aural and visual delight.