We look back at 2010, and talk about our top 5 favorite (and bottom five not-so-favorite) items that we talked about during the course of the year.

Direct Link: Cool Beans – The Best (and Worst) Beans of 2010

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The Best (and Worst) Beans of 2010

  • Bad Bean Traditional TV is falling apart
  • Good Bean Scott Pilgrim (and comics)
  • Bad Bean LOST finale
  • Good Bean Conans comeback
  • Bad Bean FlashForward
  • Good Bean The Venture Bros Season 4 shames all scripted live and animated TV for not being as awesome
  • Bad Bean MattyCollector.com still sucks
  • Good Bean Transformers Generations answers nearly every demand any has made
  • Bad Bean Fallout New Vegas
  • Good Bean Blackest Night