In this week’s PowetCast, we referred to a news article on i09 suggesting that Emma Stone was likely to play Mary Jane Watson in the rebooted Spider-man film. The more I thought about this casting, the more perfect I thought it was, especially after the poor casting of Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane in the former Spider-man films. In a complete reversal of this news, though, has announced that Emma Stone will, in fact, be playing GWEN STACY, and not Mary Jane Watson. Emma will be playing opposite Andrew Garfield, who will be portraying Peter Parker/Spider-man. You may be familiar with Emma Stone from Easy A, currently in theaters, and the fantastic Zombieland.

It seems that they are doing things right by getting Gwen Stacy in the story first, but I’m disappointed Emma Stone won’t be playing Mary Jane. I think the part fits her quite well. Also, my mind keeps asking the question why they casted a blonde for redhead Mary Jane in the previous films, while casting a redhead for blonde Gwen Stacy? Kind of a moot point, but I needed to type that out loud, or whatever I just did there.

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