Zack Snyder, director of comic adaptations 300 and Watchmen will take on Superman as soon as he’s done Sucker Punch. Exclusive report came in tonight from Deadline.

Christopher Nolan, successful director of the last two Batman films will produce with a script by Batman Begins and Blade writer David Goyer.

If the selection of the next director of Superman isn’t enough, Snyder’s direction is slowly being revealed. He told Variety that Brandon Routh “isn’t likely” for the lead role, which is described as a reboot.

THR casually mentions that General Zod, the protagonist from Superman II, will be the primary villain. In the same sentence they call it a “connection” to Richard Donner’s 2 Superman movies staring Christopher Reeve.

Get the whiskey, because if we’re buckling in for another redo of the Donner years, we might as well have kept Routh and Bryan Singer as director. I fully support all the stuff they talk about in these interviews about “Modernizing” and “Staying true to the character” but that does not include remaking a movie from the 70s. Superman is a classic, but its a product of the era and duplicating it is as silly as remaking the Tim Burton Batman from 1989.

When people bring up Zod in articles about another Superman movie, they always act like he’s some classic villain. Well he’s not, and stop fooling people into thinking so if you’re one of those bloggers. He’s a b-level Silver Age threat popularized in Superman II. He’s largely absent from the DC canon since, with more reboots and history changes than Power Girl. I still hope that Superman can face a worthy villain in either Lex Luthor who can fight in a powersuit or Metallo who can match Superman’s power. You don’t have to go to Doomsday or Darkseid, in fact Superman alone is enough aliens for one movie. Skip Zod, give us a human who works.

Snyder is a highly skilled director, who can and will deliver a stylized action epic. I just hope its right for Superman and not a disaster all over again.