Actors Terry O’Quinn and Micheal Emerson were two of the most enjoyable on a cast full of great characters actors on LOST. As the man of faith John Locke and the man of mystery and double cross Benjamin Linus respectively, they stole any scene they weren’t already the focus of.

Before the show ended, O’Quinn mentioned in interviews he and Emerson were playing with ideas for a new series, mentioning they’d play bounty hunters or secret agents. It looks like LOST executive producer JJ Abrams heard the call, and his Bad Robot production company now has an order for their show.

Rumors began circulating on Monday that the tentatively titled “Odd Jobs” would be a comedic drama where Emerson and O’Quinn would play former black ops secret agents living in suburbia. It was pitched to networks and now has a pilot order for NBC. The show could get into production as early as next year. Alias writers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec will helm the series, JJ Abrams and Bryan Burk will serve as executive producers.

The hardest part about all series trying to replicate LOST’s success (V, The Event, Flash Forward, etc) has been that none have the stregnth of actors and characters to keep the show moving even in dull moments. With two of LOST’s funniest and most interesting character actors on board (both had Emmy nominations this year), “Odd Jobs” may end up being a success even if it lacks a sci fi fantasy twist.

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