dr2czIn a few weeks from now, Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 hits store shelves. The wait is still a little too long for some zombie killing, so what better way to get ready for it than this $5.00 downloadable preview? Dead Rising puts players in the role of Dead Rising 2 protagonist Chuck Greene. After making a stop at a gas station, his truck is stolen, and with it, his supply of Zombrex, the anti-zombie medication he needs for his daughter. Thus, he’s stranded in the middle of nowhere, and has to brave through hordes of Zombies in order to find more Zombrex as well as a way out of town before the military quarantines it.

People who played through the first Dead Rising will feel right at home in this prequel. Combat works teh same way as it did last time, with emphasis on experimentation and creativity. You can even try out the game’s item-building mechanic as well. If you combine the right items, you’ll come up with some pretty zany stuff. There are several survivors waiting to be found, and there are 12 achievements for you to earn. If you’re playing the full version of the download, your experience points even carry over to the main game when it’s released. Even though Case Zero feels like a demo, its an excellent way to generate buzz for the main game. So if you’re done with Left for Dead 2 and you want some more zombie killing action, or you simply want to get ready for Dead Rising 2, check this game out.