Now I know we got some Poweteers who are Simmers too. We’re not even two months removed from the release of Sims 3 Ambitions, and now EA has just announced the latest addition to the latest addition of it’s franchise.

Details and more after the jump.

Featuring an expanded downtown scene, Late Night will allow players to become a bartender (or mixologist as the game calls it), local celebrity, director, band member, or even a vampire. Sounds a lot like Sims 2 Nightlife, and it doesn’t seem like a whole lot of new stuff has been added, but then again, neither did World Adventures when it was announced, and that changed the way the game was played. Besides, I’m looking forward to having bar fights (as shown in the trailer), chilling in hot tubs, and my musically inclined Sims finally being able to play other instruments beside the guitar. Oh and I can become a vampire too? Do sign me up. No word on when this is coming out (most likely by the end of the year), so until then, there is more than enough to do in Ambitions and World Adventures to keep me busy. Hopefully it won’t be much longer until we have pets, universities, holidays, seasons, warzones, and drugs (okay, maybe not the last two).

Oh yeah, and Sims 3 is coming to all three major consoles and the Nintendo DS this fall also, alongside the Fast Lane stuff pack for PC.