Icon Heroes was present at SDCC to show off their new Thundercats line of mini-statues.
ActionFigurePics.com has a small gallery of what was on display from Preview Night. They had the Lion-O staction, both the SDCC Exclusive and regular version on display along with the new Thunderclaw vehicle staction. It comes with another Lion-O mini-statue as a driver and is in scale to the rest of the line, meaning it is quite large. I have included a size comaprison photo from the company’s site for reference with the Thunderclaw next to the regular release Lion-O 6 inch mini-statue. Also on display was a fully painted Jackalman staction and an unpainted prototype of Lynx-O. I like what I’m seeing from this line. Its unfortunate they were unable to obtain the actual toy license for this property instead of settling on a mini-statue license.

IconHeros_LynxO IconHeros_LionO IconHeros_JackalMan IconHeros_ThunderclawIconHeros_Thunderclaw_scale

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