Diamond Select Toys has been doing a series of Crocodile Battle Beasts built around the mini-mate body as convention exclusives over the past year, each one sporting different accessories and color scheme. ToyNewsInternational snapped some pics (mirrored below) of what appears to be brand new Battle Beasts. It doesn’t look like these are built on the mini-mate body at all, in fact, I question their articulation. It looks like there is a rhino, octopus, monkey, iguana and a new crocodile.

There is no real indication of size or scale in the pictures, but there is placard stating they will be in stores in 2011 and retail for $14.99. Its not clear if that is individually or sold as a set. For their sake, I hope they are sold as a set because one figure with that amount of articulation for that price is a real tough sale for many collectors. And if I may say so the rhino and octopus are ADORABLE! I think I may have found a replacement line for the discontinued Robot Heroes I was collecting.

Adorable mirrored images after the jump!

DST_Minimates_01 DST_Minimates_02_Octopus DST_Minimates_03_Crocodile DST_Minimates_04_Price DST_Minimates_05_Monkey DST_Minimates_06_Igunana