A few weeks back Marvel showed off the first image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor, and we all thought it was pretty cool. You know what else is cool? This.
Collider has posted images very similar to the concept art we saw of Captain America yesterday.

While I don’t question the authenticity of either Thor or Cap’s concept artwork, the style of the costumes suggests something more modern than WWII or Asgard would probably produce. I get the feeling these are Thor’s modern day Earth superhero clothes rather than his native garb.

On the otherhand, we have no idea what Kenneth Branagh and Marvel intend Asgard to look like, so you be the judge.

thor_concept_art_chris_hemsworth_02 thor_concept_art_chris_hemsworth_01

What do you think of Thor’s costume? Can you see him fighting alongside Iron Man and Captain America?