250px-ProjectneedlemouseThere’s been a ton of news recently that’s been thrown around about Project: Needlemouse, the codename for the newest Sonic the Hedgehog game in the works that is banking on the claim that it is going to be a 2D game that throws back to the days of Sonic on the Genesis. Concept art for badniks have been flowing out from SEGA’s blog. They’re also issuing a challenge to their fans….


SEGA’s issuing a challenge to its fans – submit fan-made re-designed concept art of badniks from any of the Genesis/CD era. If SEGA receives a collective total of 100 pieces of concept art from its fans by this coming Monday, they will not only reveal the true game name of Project: Needlemouse, but will also show art from the first act of the game, and an unknown bonus. Check out the challenge at SEGA’S Blog.

With all this showering of encouragement and support for its fans, and giving the fans such consideration, I can’t help but ask “What took so long?” Why wait 10 years to start listening to fans and caring about what they want and asking for their input? After over half a dozen crap games where they said the same thing, I can’t help but be cynical. I know for fact I’m not alone . I’ve also been poised the argument that “You’re not a real Sonic fan because you stopped liking the games over a decade ago”. Well, from my point of view, Sonic stopped being Sonic a long time ago. I’m a Sonic fan because, even after all the crap games they’ve made, I still have the silly hope that one day they’ll get it right.