We take you on a time journey back through previous Powetcasts, talking about Season 5 of LOST, and what we awesomeness we hope awaits in Season 6.

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(Are you looking forward to the Season 6 premiere of LOST? If you’ve time traveled here from the future, have you already seen it? Leave a comment below!)

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Episode 01.5: 2009 – Best Year Ever?

Episode 04
Cool Beans

Episode 08: Rockin’ a Ponytail
Cool Beans


Episode 10: War of the Prequels
Cool Beans

  • LOST Season finale

Episode 15: SDCC, Marvel, LOST, and DC

Episode 21: Back in Time

  • Time Travel in Fiction (free will and determinism)

Episode 25.5: Coolest Beans of 2009

  • LOST starring Michael Fucking Emerson