You like the look of this fella with the wings, the funny mask and the mace? How do you feel about a whole movie about him?

It appears Hawkman is being considered as a next step for WB to get some serious comic movie cash before the gravy train runs out and people start wanting Westerns or something. Could be cool move, as there isn’t a lot of guys like him on screen now, and his abilities could make for some good visual effects sequences.

This is a real wild card though, since Hawkman has such a diverse history, they’re is no telling if he’ll be a reincarnated Egyptian or a cop from the planet Thanagar. Also will the wings be real or fake? Odds are if he makes it into a movie he’ll have to put on a shirt.

Hawkman will appear in live action form in Smallville next month, played by Michael Shanks. DC could be testing the waters, but then I think the people still watching Smallville at this point are a poor sample for future success.

Warner Bros has had a lot of false starts in recent years, and it seems they’re thinking outside the bat. Green Lantern is already a sure thing with shooting expected next year for a 2011 release. What could come after this for DC? Taylor Swift Supergirl?

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