rottRemember the old days of the FPS genre? You know, Doom, Wolfenstein 3-d, Duke Nukem and such. This was back when you developers didn’t have to reinvent the genre with some fancy graphics engine, Havok physics, or even complex AI. No sir, all you needed was a gun and a bunch of enemies to shoot. Rise of the Triad is a lesser known relic from that era. Created by a subsection of Apogee developers known as the Developers of Incredible power, Rise of the triad was another fun early FPS blast fest. It also added a few unique tricks of its own to make it all the more enjoyable. I’m shocked that no one developed a console version of this game as they did with Doom and Wolfenstein.

This game uses a modified version of the Wolfenstein 3-d engine, and was in fact intended to be an expansion pack/sequel to Wolfenstein, featuring improved graphics, new characters, weapons, and maps. As time went on, the developers decided to make it into its own game. Taking control of one of five secret agents, you set foot on San Nicolas Island to investigate cult activity. No sooner than when you arrive, your boat is destroyed by patrolling agents, leaving you no escape. Therefore, it’s up to you to survive long enough to discover the cult’s plans and stop them.

Link many similar titles of its time, ROTT has you blasting enemies as you make your way through the game’s levels. You’ll find hidden secrets and Easter eggs throughout the game, along with some unique weaponry such as heat seeking missiles. Each of the five characters has their own special traits, and when you get bored, there is a healthy amount of multiplayer options available. Be warned, as this game was released before mouse aided aiming became commonplace in the FPS genre, so you’ll have to fiddle around with the control settings a bit.

While it pales in comparison to today’s FPS titles, ROTT is still as fun and fast paced as it was when it was released a decade and a half ago, and fans still support it today. In fact, on 3d Realm’s site, you can find numerous downloads, including custom maps, level editors, and even the game’s source code. For $5.99, you can even download the game from, DRM-free and Windows Vista compatible.