Mass Effect

What are the top five things you should do in Mass Effect before diving into the sequel? Find out in this week’s Keep Playing!

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Show notes:

Top 5 things to do in Mass Effect before Mass Effect 2 comes out:

5) Second Playthrough
4) Play as Opposite Gender
3) Form a Love Triangle
2) Bring Down the Sky
1) Be a Complete Bitch

Realistically, these aren’t in any particular order. The second playthrough is the most interesting to me, and I took the opportunity to make Liara go crazy — if for no other reason than my Shepard ended up with her on accident. I think I told her that Ashley was “just a friend” at one point.

Clips for “Form a Love Triangle” taken from XBOXNIZAM’s video “Mass Effect – Choosing both Ash and Liara”:

“Mass Effect Liara Late Rescue” by “some1x”:

“Mass Effect – How To Be A Complete Bitch” by SilentPhil2:

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