derekKyle Reese and the T-101 sent back to protect Edward Furlong had it at August 29th 1997. By the movie version of continuity Sarah Connor ultimately lived to see this day without an attack but as Kristina Lokenator and Arnie #3 showed up, Judgement Day would still take place on July 25th 2004. Then comes what’s had geeks real exited for the past 2 years, the event of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which ignores the 2004 Judgment Day, but also ignores the original 1997 date and once again pushes Judgment Day back to April 21st, 2011, which is only two years from today. Get that bomb shelter stocked with canned goods!

Terminator PosterIt’s a well thought out date, to be sure. With the events of the first episode taking place in September 2007, this gives the show more than enough time to come to a reasonable conclusion, be canceled, or again postpone Judgment Day by April 2011. This has already been suggested by a number of things. The April 2011 Skynet was Andy Good’s Turk. Andy’s out of the picture, and the Turk has taken a drastically different course. Derek is a stranger to Jesse who has lived a number of things differently than he has, and though she refuses to give him a date for when her Judgment Day is, it seems plainly obvious that it’s not the day Derek and Kyle remember as seen in the season 1 finale.

Terminator gangWith cancelation of the show being assumed since before the first episode even aired, we’ve still gotten nothing close to confirmation of such things. Rumours of boxed sets and actors being on other projects are irrelevant, since no season 2 sets will be reused where the show left us off, and no actor has plans set in stone to take their focus away from this show. For those who have been watching this show, we’re all hoping for another season. For those who aren’t, what are you doing?

james_ellisonThis show has been amazing. While some fans lost some interest mid season, there were a ton of great stories this season and the final handful of episodes were thought provoking, full of action, and really brought the whole season, and series as a whole, together with some amazing twists. Not only that, but through the magic of television fans around the world have all been tricked into totally loving BAG, Brain Austin Green, as one of the coolest actors on TV.

popsiclesI say it all the time but I can’t say it enough, everyone needs to watch this show. No, you can’t complain about Heroes being lame or watch Dollhouse if you don’t watch Terminator. With next season’s line ups being announced in May the verdict is not set. Go out and get caught up. Support the show by getting the first season on DVD and Blu-Ray, these are filled with awesome extras and hilarious commentary, my favourite moment being someone saying they didn’t want to make the show “Terminator 90210”, and the ensuing uncomfortable moment when Brian Austin Green, aka David Silver, mentions how awesome that would be. You can also watch full episodes on the official Terminator site and on Hulu, so long as you’re American. No, these things may not have the same weight as watching them live as they play, but that ship has sailed, and these things aren’t completely ignored.

johnwithshotgunThere’s a new movie coming out. It may be directed by McG, but it looks like Transformers so I’m sure it’ll fill a few seats. Let’s all hope that some bad Friday ratings aren’t the nail in the coffin that some presumptuous bloggers make them out to be, but rather that someone will assume this movie can revitalize interest in the show, as can a very powerful fan following and an enthralling story that TV watching audiences always crave, but seldom get to actual experience.