coverA day late and a couple dollars short; the Powetcast cometh! After many technical difficulties the first episode of April is go! Come listen to us talk Nintendo DSi, I Love You Man, Wrestlemania, and much more! Exclamation point!

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Show notes after the jump!


* DSi Launch. Anyone buy? ( )
* EPIC News: Mike Patton is a Constructicon ( )

* – April Fools’ Joke gone real. TaunTaun sleeping bag ( )
* Andy Hallet passes away at 33
* Yu Suzuki “Retires” As Creative Officer At Sega ( )

Cool Beans


* I Love You Man and Adventureland (Zac)
* I Am Legend Ultimate Collector’s Edition full of extra scenes that add quite a bit to the film (aDam)


* Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Zac)
* Pearl Jam Ten (Zac)


* Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles season (?) finale this week. (Sean)
* Wrestlemania XXV (Logan)


* Halo 3 Mythic (Zac)
* Peggle (Zac)
* Left 4 Dead (Sean)
* God of War: Chains of Olympus (Logan)


* Angel: Blood and Trenches (aDam)
* The Flash: Rebirth (Logan)