Join us this week as we discuss the news coming out of Toy Fair and NYCC. Also, I think there were a series of gas leaks in all of our apartments. Next week; Powetcast goes weekly! (For a week or two…)

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Show Notes after the jump.

These are show notes.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2/ Wolverine ( )
o Namco takes Splatterhouse from Bottlerocket
o Onechanbara in Playboy
o Midway is FUCKED

+ Stratos (February 17th)
+ Faker (March)
+ Merman (April)
+ Zodac (May)
+ Hordak! (June)
+ Man-At-Arms (July)
+ Tri-klops (August)
+ Teela (Prototype)
+ Some months may see the release of a “bonus figure” for purchase. Bonus figures would be will repaints and/or re-releases of previous MOTUC figures.
+ King Randor would be a classic version, not a 2002 version
+ Battlecat in 2010, Panthor shortly thereafter.


Ghostbusters (Fall 2009)
+ Ray w/ Slimer
+ Egon
+ 6″ figures will be released every other month.
+ Minimates

o DCUniverse
+ Wonder Twins 2-Pack?
+ Atom Smasher at ToyFair has two left arms. Awesome. ( )
+ Chemo wave ( )
# Deadshot
# Black Adam
# Black Canary (w/ real fishnets)

# Green Arrow
# Mantis

# Wildcat
# Guardian

o Transformers
+ Animated Arcee, Electrostatic Soundwave with Ratbat keytar ( ,
* ,
* – Arcee (bot),
* )

* Movie Devastator( )
o Marvel
+ No Legends news
+ Firestar among new Universe figures.

o Other
+ MacFarlane doing Mighty Mugg like Halo line ( )

* Comics
o NYCC marvel
+ Millar Returns to Ultimates with Ultimate Avengers
+ Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers (FUCK YES!) ( ) (Crazy)
+ Ultimate Spidey to be relaunched as Ultimate Comics Spidey – David Lafeunte named as artist.
+ Dark Reign: Young Avengers announced
+ Amazing Spider-Man: The Short Halloween two writers, who made a “surprise” appearance at the panel: Saturday Night Live cast members Seth Meyers (also its head writer) and Bill Hader. –drawn by Kevin Maguire
+ The Marvels Project, by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting
o ntcc dc
+ Wildstorm’s resistance comic will bridge the gap between 1 and 2, backups will set up the psp game
+ Keith Giffen adn Matt Clark relaunch doom patrol
+ final crisis aftermath
# escape
# run!
# ink
# dance
+ batman relaunch in june:
# – Batman
# – Batman and Robin
# – Red Robin
# – Outsiders
# – Batgirl
# – Batman: The Streets of Gotham
# – Gotham City Sirens (with implications being that Catwoman would be part of the book)
# – (the aforementioned) Detective Comics
* Movies
o NPH as The Flash? ( ) (Crazy)

Superman Reboot: Singer out, Wachowskis in? (But Singer in for Logan’s Run) ( (Sean)
o Thor: Son of Asgard – Fall of 2009 (Crazy)

* TV
o DTV Transition moved to June 12th… sort of (Sean)

* Etc.
Powet turns 3