Rising Stuff

Vinnk of 4 Color Rebellion and Famicom Dojo has relaunched his Rising Stuff online store with new forums and news articles with a focus on retro Japanese gaming.

In Vinnk’s own words, the new Rising Stuff “will cover classic games and consoles that may have never made it out of the land of the rising sun,” and “will try to cover obscure system like the PC-FX, Wonderswan and Playdia as well as the better-known systems like the Mega Drive, Saturn, PC-Engine and Famicom Disk System.”

This is quite a treat for me, because many of the front-page authors are also long-time friends. Between us we started the unstoppable Midwest force of nature now known as No Brand Con.

So check out the new Rising Stuff! If you head over there RIGHT NOW you will see a repost of the first episode of Famicom Dojo, as well as videos about the 3DO and Playdia. You may even see other a Powet.TV videos pop up there from time-to-time.