It’s been raining Castlevania these days it would seem. Two games, Order of Ecclesia and Judgment, will be released within the next few months; an arcade game is being released in Japan; the manga to Curse of Darkness is being translated and released here in the states – not to mention the live-action movie and the animated Dracula’s Curse OVA that are in production. You’d think this would all be enough!

It would seem series frontman Koji Igrashi begs to differ. He announced at the Tokyo Game Show that they have yet another Castlevania game in production to be released in the future for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Iga dropped the bigger bomb when he said that this new game would be a direct sequel to series highpoint, Symphony of the Night.

If this comes as a shock, the feeling is mutual. Even at the TGS the audience was surprised at the announcement, but Iga made good on his word by releasing some information, as well as a teaser image that looks strikingly like SotN protagonist Alucard.

Special thanks to Serio of the Chapel of Resonance for the improvement on the image clarity.

Some are believing the game to have possible ties to the Symphony of the Night radio drama that was released in Japan recently, which tells the tale of the aftermath of SotN and features returning characters from the game as well as some all new characters. If this turns out to be true, than this new game could indeed be the sequel that fanboys of the series have clamored for since the game’s release in 1997 on the original Playstation. With the other two games on the near horizon, new information is bound to be leaked out in a steady stream to keep anticipation high.