After Josh Landow went On set with Transformers 2 in Philadelphia, another Y100 DJ, John Von, has supplied Powet.TV with more photos and video!
John’s video is comprised of the aerial camera rig and helicopter taking sweeping shots of a cemetery. Who died? Jon did get the first known photograph of the Chevy Beat concept car thats joined the cast. A separate eyewitness report yesterday suggested the Beat was racing across Philly’s Ben Franklin Bridge with Bumblebee!
John Von’s comments and video below

Yesterday I scouted out the latest TF2 set near my home in Philly. I live in East Falls and heard
from a friend on the set that they were shooting not one mile away from my house. So, I got on
my mountain bike and took off. I wish I could have gotten closer, but security was super tight.
I did get one distance shot of the ubiquitous green Chevy Beat before it was loaded into a semi.


Nothing terribly revealing, but cool nonetheless.

In all, I got some shots and video from outside and around the Transformers: Revenge of the
Fallen shoot. The crew was shooting scenes inside the old Laurel Hill Cemetery in Fairmount
Park. This collection contains shots and video I took from accessible vantage points (both good
and bad) throughout the set area. Many of the later shots were taken below the set on Kelly
Drive. To get the massive scale (all 78 acres) of the cemetery, go here. It was last seen in Rocky Balboa (ugh).

cemetary.jpg helicopter.jpg

I was told by some security they they had recently packed up Prime. Son of a!

John Von

See more of John’s photos on his FLIKR page
Many thanks to John Von for sharing this with Powet.