Update: CHUD reports that The Fallen in the title of TF2 is in fact The Fallen from The War Within: The Dark Ages
This week in Bethlehem, PA the filming for the highly anticipated Transformers 2 began. And with this beginning comes the title: Revenge Of The Fallen. Whats this title mean? I have 3 theories of equal weight.
Well the most literal interpretation would be that Megatron will have his revenge after his fall in Transformers 1. Obviously this is something audiences would like to see since Megatron didn’t make his big entrance until the third act.
The second possibility is that they’ll incorporate the comic character The Fallen from Dreamwave’s shortlived Transformers Universe. He’s one of the fabled original 13 Transformers, who betrayed Cybertron and its inhabitants and is perpetually on fire. He’s the Judas of Transformers Universe, and he might have responded to Optimus Prime’s call.
The third, though unlikely, possibility is Jazz is returns after his brutal defeat for his own revenge. Darius McCrary was seen on set this week as well as the hard top Solstice GXP. It could be misinformation or unrelated to the title. Too soon to tell.

For news on the first week of filming, see this article from The Morning Call, as well as TFW2005 which has a story titled simply Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Spoilers and goes into great detail on the call sheet, the actors on set, as well as new vehicles and prototypes on set: Acura NSX, Audi R8, and an SR-71 Blackbird jet! Just like the X-men!

We’ll be following the movie as best we can from this point on, both here on the main page of Powet and on our forums. Register and read Transformers 2 rumors and post anything you hear or see online!