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Famicom Dojo – Video Netcast Promo
Famicom Dojo – Wii Launch Day Special

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When people first hear about Famicom Dojo, one of the first things they ask is “got a link to the feed?”

Feed? What is this “feed” you speak of?

Well, wait no more! The Famicom Dojo Video Netcast premieres this month, featuring full-resolution (480i, anyway), spruced-up versions of all our Season 1 episodes and specials. Videos will be added twice per month until we’ve caught up to all the existing episodes.

New episodes will still premiere here and on 4 Color Rebellion via YouTube through the rest of the season. Sound like a deal?

The feed will also feature some exclusive video content. Nothing terribly extravagent. The current Video Netcast Promo, is a fairly good example. It will also be available on YouTube (in a little while) to alert any subscribers who don’t regularly visit Powet.TV

Nothing’s changing, we’re just adding more content and another delivery system. We’re probably not going to post every time the feed is updated, but we’re certainly going to mention it every time a new Season 1 episode goes up. You can still check your favorite geek sites for new videos, and — as always — stop by Powet.TV for our show notes, and other great shows!

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe already! And be sure to leave feedback at our free iTunes storefront to let others know how great this show is! And feel free to become a fan on our new Facebook page!