Sonic Unleashed
You all got a peak over a week ago of the Sonic Unleashed video leaked onto the internet. After a stir up on SEGA’s part over the video and various screenshot images being posted on numerous blogs, the bigwigs decided to cut the attempted cover-up charade and just come clean by formally announcing that the game is indeed real and upcoming.

Because we didn’t know that already.

Making use of the aptly titled “Hedgehog Engine” to deliver a supposed combination of oldschool gameplay with 3D graphics, Sonic Unleashed is being claimed as the new way to infuse the series with an injection of it’s past glory. (a over-used claim already tried with Sonic Next-Gen and Sonic and the Secret Rings)

Sonic Unleashed will introduce a new, unexpected storyline along with innovative gameplay that compliments traditional skills and features, allowing players to experiment and engage in new ways.” says Vice President of Marketing at SEGA of America, Sean Ratcliffe.

If they’ve decided to dub the already notorious news about Sonic changing into a were-hedgehog as “new and unexpected”, then I guess they hit the nail on the head, though probably not in the positive way they meant. Regardless, the game is slated for a release during the holidays for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and Wii.