Simon FigureCastlevania fans and action figure collectors alike may not be getting anything new to look forward to in the Castlevania Player Select figure line for the future. In a Myspace Question & Answer session with toy distributor NECA, when asked if there would be any new figures to be produced in a second series of released toys, NECA didn’t look on the prospect favorably and gave the impression that there would not be a continuation of the line.

1. Any plans for a 12 or 18-inch Alucard from Castlevania? If there may be one, I would love to see additional swords packed with it.

2. What’s up with news if any on a second Castlevania line? I suggest Richter..(and a MUCH better whip and improved paintjobs for all involved figures. The sculpts from the first line were great but the plastic used was VERY poor quality.)

NECA Response:
1) no plans for this at all

2) no news on more Castlevania – I don’t think we will be re-visiting this license

Some Castlevania fans speculate that this revelation comes as no big surprise, after complaints of less-than-excellent workmanship on the quality of the figures may have contributed to lack of sales in the first series line. Regardless, a cancellation of any additional series releases in the Castlevania line would prove disappointing and unfortunate, as series fans (myself included) have awaited a toy line for the long-running video game series for many years now, only for it to now seemingly be nipped in the bud soon after it’s debut. However, that may be how the cookie crumbles in this situation, if NECA truly decides to cut it’s losses rather than improve on past mistakes and trudge forward.