cv.jpgWhat at first started as just a bunch of gossip on the GameFAQs forums has turned into something quite a bit more. A thread (which has been since deleted) started by a confirmed VIP of Konami America (supposedly a translator of the localization team) produced some interesting tidbits of information, including a supposed beta image of the upcoming game in production which can be seen to the right.

The game’s supposed name? Akumajo Dracula: Ubawareta Kokuin. (Castlevania: The Stolen Seal)

Of course this leads to much speculation and many denouncings by the Castlevania community, who are skeptical of the image, after a hoax game (the falsely titled “Duel Moons”) a few years back managed to fool even members of several gaming news sites. This new rumor could very well be the same photoshopped nightmare. What also make fans raise an eyebrow is the fact the image portrays the main playable character as a female protagonist – something series producer IGA has stated he doesn’t like doing. (secondary female characters are fine though, it would seem)

So, with no official word from the Konami bigwigs, and only an image and one man’s words to go by, we’ll just have to see if this is another hoax, or if it could be the first we see of the third 2D Castlevania DS game that has been confirmed by Konami. Once I know, you’ll know.