A short while ago I heard that Radiohead wouldn’t sell on iTunes, which I thought was fair because a per-track sale of an album band is like selling books by the chapter or movies by the scene.

Now we know why. Radiohead will sell their new album, titled In Rainbows, as a download only from, available October 10th 2007. They’re also printing up a CD box set including the album, a disc of bonus tracks, artwork, and 2 heavyweight vinyl records.

The disc box will ship on December 3rd for 40, about $81 US dollars. Buying the disc box gets you the download on October 10 as well, so you won’t have to wait for the new album. If you’re looking to just download the new songs, the cost space is blank. You simply enter whatever cost you think is appropriate. They’re dead serious. Name your own price for new Radiohead.

This is an absolutely shocking and bold move by a band I can usually count on for bold moves. I can’t wait to hear it. Its been 10 years since I walked down the the record store and bout OK Computer, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

Thanks to Gabe and Joey from FMQB