With the DVD release of Transformers right around the corner and the movie still yet to see its September 21st IMAX release, you’d think Dreamworks, Paramount, and Hasbro would be eager to talk about making a sequel to their $600+ Million movie. Well producer Don Murphy is talking…

For those of you most anxious about TRANSFORMERS 2, the silence you hear is primarily because people are fretting about a presumed strike in June 2008. Will it happen? I don’t know- does the public care about strikes anymore in this day and age? What do rich people have to strike about anyway? I don’t have any side here (you hear about the writers and the Producers but that actually means the STUDIOS) I just think stopping work is kind of pointless. But since no one wants to be filming IF a strike happens, everything needs to be done filming by the end of May 2008. So this is affecting the lack of news about Transformers 2 at least for now. Stay tuned.

So the good news is they’re not going to try to rush something, but the bad news is we’ll have to wait until the whole thing gets sorted out. I don’t know enough about the Hollywood strike to tell you what might happen, but I don’t think anyone actually wants to stop working so I’m sure they’ll find a resolution before we run out of movies.

On the bright side, check out this: Taiwanese Guy Turns his Mobile into Fully-Functioning Transformer-Phone!