Dead or Alive Movie
This weekend was supposed to mark the release of the Dead or Alive movie after a year of set backs but that did not happen as a result of last week’s disastrous limited release. Why is anyone surprised that it didn’t make the top 10? It was a limited release. I certainly never had the oppurtunity to go see this movie, as much as I’ve been intending to for quite a while.

Since it’s original international release in September 2006 this movie has been jerked around so much with plans for a straight to video release on and off and and eventual frequently delayed theatrical release. I’m not sure how much interest we’re expecting to have in a movie with so little studio support. Why didn’t we get this thing a year ago? The video release in Europe was months ago and people have been able to get this movie in some form for half a year.

Did anyone see so much as a commercial for this movie? I certainly didn’t. Hell I didn’t even know it had been released in Europe until after it was out on DVD. How lame. A movie’s initial weekend numbers are not based on it’s quality but rather on what advertising and hype are generated for the movie. It was treated like an independant movie and got those kind of numbers.

Oh well now we can finally get a DVD release of the movie like we should have gotten last year if the studio didn’t F this movie in the A.

Thanks for nothing Weinstein Company.

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