SHUT UP!Sticky floors, overpriced snacks, pre-pubesant pukes yakkin’ it up…It may all be a thing of the past, and Michael Bay’s “Transformers” is leading the charge!

Check out this tasty tidbit from

For an entry fee of $49, you could be watching Transformers… on opening day… in your undies with a cold beer on Pay-Per-View. Incredible news, and well overdue in my opinion. If theatre managers can’t foster a clean, quiet atmosphere for viewing a film, an alternative would be created that could. As expected, movie theatre insiders are up in arms, but as Galvatron said in the original Transformers: The Movie, “We all must die sometime.”

Update: Michael Bay’s site Shoot For The Edit has squashed this as completely false. In Bay’s own words: “Total Bullshit

Update 2: Curses! Foiled Again! – Chozoman