The Injustice League
Between last weekend’s conventions in Philadelphia, PA and Charlotte, NC – not to mention the books that hit the stands this week – there’s been a veritable onslaught of comics news. To get your rundowns on the news from the cons, from details on the “Messiah CompleX” X-Men crossover, to the new writer on JLA (hint: try the mastermind behind the JLU animated series), to your quick ‘n dirty recap of what insanity has happened to The Flash, continue on after the jump.

DC News:

  • The Injustice LeagueDwayne McDuffie, most currently known for his work heading up the Justice League Unlimited animated series, will be the new writer for JLA, beginning with issue #13. His first storyarc will be titled “Injustice League Unlimited”. Check a more in-depth interview with Wizard here.
  • All-Flash #1The current issue of the Flash (#13) was the final issue of the title. Mark Waid will be returning to write the character, beginning with All-Flash #1 in September, followed by a return to the cumulative (I think) and original numbering for the character at #231 in October. Spoilers for issue #13: (highlight the white block to read ’em)
    In the issue, current Flash Bart Allen is murdered by the Rogues. In JLA #10, Wally West is returned to the land of the normally living via some bizarre, complex plot by the Silver Age Legion of Super-Heroes. So the book will be featuring him. And thus does DC wash their hands of that inexplicable decision. Thank God for complex screwball continuity.
  • Kyle Rayner, Donna Troy, and Jason Todd will visit the WildStorm Universe in Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer #1. Other issues of the series have the trio visiting other worlds in the new DC multiverse after that. They’re going to be called Challengers Of The Beyond. Maybe. It isn’t very clear just yet. Fun fact: Every issue of the “Search for Ray Palmer” mini will be numbered 1. Oh come on DC; it’s already got “Countdown” in the title! Did it really need MORE promotional hoo-ha to sell? Why not just do variant chrome covers too and be done with it.
  • In related news, you can look forward to two other Countdown miniseries that have nothing to do with Countdown – Countdown to Mystery, featuring Steven Gerber writing Dr. Fate, and Countdown to Adventure, featuring the space trio from 52 and some new person named Forerunner. If only every issue of those series were also numbered 1, too. Then it would TRULY be marketing genius.
  • Green Arrow/Black Canary special thingyIn case you didn’t know, Green Arrow and Black Canary will be getting married. And there will be at least three specials about it. One for the wedding of course, but don’t forget one bachelorette party (which Superman will be at – seriously, he’s on the cover of the issue – because he’s a total girl these days), and one for the wedding planning. Oh, how I wish I was kidding.
  • From

    A fan asked when All-Star Batgirl by Geoff Johns will come out, with Carlin sarcastically asking “Why should All-Star Batgirl come out? None of the other ones do.”

Marvel News:

  • Messiah CompleXThe X-Men Crossover (which is being led into by the Endangered Species crossover currently taking place – yes, that’s right, the crossover leads into a crossover) has a name: Messiah CompleX. Silly enough for you? So here’s the story: Ever since the Scarlet Witch said “No more mutants” at the end of House of M, not only did she drastically reduce the number of existing mutants, but no new mutants have been born since then. The Endangered Species crossover currently taking place in the back of the core X-books (X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, New X-Men, and X-Factor) features Beast investigating this fact. The Messiah CompleX kicks off with a one-shot – written by Ed Brubaker, art by Marc Silvestri – where the computer/mutant-detector/whatever called Cerebra (better known as Cerebro) detects a new mutant being born. Somewhere. Alaska maybe? Anyway, good guys and bad guys spend the next 4 months swarming the core X-books to try to find this new mutant.
  • Speaking of House of M, there will be a House of M: Avengers mini coming out chronicling the rise of Luke Cage and his underground resistance team. Why? Marvel has actually come right out and said it’s because the trades have been selling well. Heaven forbid they print stories because they’re getting great pitches or anything. (All snarkiness aside, Christos Gage will be writing it, and the guy is freaking awesome. So maybe the pitch really was great. Still, a bad way to commision stories anyway.)
  • Bendis will be writing an Ultimate Origin series chronicling the history of the Ultimate Universe and characters like Nick Fury and Captain America. The story that I’m sure someone’s been waiting for…
  • Captain America: The ChosenThe creator of Rambo is writing a Captain America miniseries called Captain America: The Chosen. I realize nothing more needs to be said than that, but in case you’re interested, it’s supposed to be a “The End” type story. “But isn’t Captain America dead???” you ask? Oh whatever, even Bucky won’t stay dead anymore.
  • We already mentioned the Spider-Man titles getting streamlined into a more efficient money-maker. But just before that happens we get the Marvel-swears-it’s-important (Really guys? Last time you told us that it, it just turned out to be SKRULLS.) “One More Day” story that will run through the three Spider-Man titles as their last hurrah. I don’t know why they don’t just launch the new Amazing Spider-Man almost-weekly-machine with it, but whatever. It’ll be drawn by Joe Quesada and written by JMS. Quesada has been hard-selling teases regarding Spidey’s marriage to Mary Jane with this one. If past indicators can be trusted, the marriage will merely be exploded and then put inside a suit of nails and renamed after a long dormant Generation X character. With “Penance” taken, I’m pulling for Husk. Good name for a marriage. Take it from a married man.

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